Chicken soup with homemade noodles

Chicken soup with homemade noodles

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Boil the chicken with vegeta and a little salt.

Meanwhile, prepare the house noodles (flour, 1 egg and salt). Mix all the ingredients until you get a crust which is then stretched as thin as possible and cut into 4. let it breathe for 5-10 minutes then roll each sheet and cut as thin as possible. Spread the cut noodles on a baking sheet and leave for 1 hour to dry a little.

Add diced onion, morocco and celery. After they have boiled a little, remove the meat and remove it from the bones and cut into pieces, and then add it to the soup together with the pepper, green beans and noodles. After they are almost cooked, add the tomato juice or diced tomatoes and the garlic cut into 4. When they are all cooked, add the salt and add the parsley.

Serve with lemon or plain

Good appetite

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