Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries

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  1. Strawberry to taste
  2. Chocolate (milk, white, bitter) to taste
  3. Additives (nuts, sweet sprinkles) to taste
  • Main ingredientsStrawberry, Cocoa and Chocolate


Skewers, pan with hot water, plates, wire rack.


Step 1: prepare the strawberries.

Rinse the strawberries without removing the ponytails, and then wipe them well, and chocolate can simply slip off wet strawberries.
If you use nuts for decoration, crush them lightly.

Step 2: drown the chocolate.

Prepare a small pot of hot water and a bowl of chocolate. Dip chocolate in a water bath, keeping its temperature in the region of 50 degrees. Stir the melted chocolate to prevent it from melting pieces.

Step 3: cover the strawberries with chocolate.

Pierce the strawberries on the side of the green ponytail with a skewer.

And slowly dip the berry into the melted chocolate so that it clings to the strawberries.

Sprinkle the berry with edible dressing and let it dry for a few seconds, put it on the wire rack.

And just dip in chocolate and decorate all the berries

The scope for imagination is wide. Use different types of chocolate, various dragee sprinkles and decorate strawberries the way you like.

Step 4: serve the strawberries in chocolate.

Serve strawberries in chocolate after the chocolate has completely hardened. This is a delicious and beautiful dessert. Joy and delight for the eyes and stomach.
Enjoy your meal!


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