Pumpkin Cream Soup (Video Recipe)

Pumpkin Cream Soup (Video Recipe)

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We are all getting ready for the Halloween party! So the star of this party could not be missing - the pumpkin! Pumpkin cream soup is a recipe full of vitamins, proteins and fiber. Quick and easy to prepare, aromatic and tasty, this cream vegetable soup can be a delicious lunch, or even a dinner, on an autumn evening, served in various combinations.

  • 1 Kg. of washed pumpkin, peeled and seeded and cut into slices
  • a cleaned and washed onion
  • 2 carrots cleaned and washed
  • a quarter of a large celery root cleaned and washed
  • 3 peeled and washed potatoes
  • 4-5 cloves of cleaned and washed garlic
  • 2 apples washed and peeled
  • a bunch of washed parsley
  • 2 yolks
  • 200 ml of cream for cooking
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • salt
  • freshly ground pepper
  • sweet or hot paprika (according to preferences)
  • the water

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Pumpkin Cream Soup (Video Recipe):

Cut the celery into cubes. We cut onions into large pieces. Chop the carrots into rounds. Cut the potatoes into cubes. We clean the apples from seeds and cut them into large pieces. Cut the pumpkin slices into large cubes.

We prepare the stove and a pan in which we put the oil. Add onion, carrot, celery and garlic cloves to the pan. Stir and cook for 3 minutes.

Put the potatoes, apples and pumpkin in the pan. Add enough water to cover all the vegetables. Stir and bring to a boil. When all the vegetables have become soft, turn off the stove and let the vegetable soup cool.

Mix the yolks and add them over the sour cream, then mix well. Finely chop the parsley.

We prepare a blender. When the vegetables have cooled, we put them in the blender, together with the water in which they boiled and we pass them.

Pour the cream of the mashed vegetables back into the pot. Turn on the stove and let the pumpkin cream soup simmer until it starts to boil. Add the sour cream mixed with the yolks and close the stove.

Season with paprika, salt and ground pepper. Stir and taste. Sprinkle chopped parsley on top.

Serve with croutons, salted biscuits, toast with garlic and cheese or puff pastry with cheese.


Pumpkin Cream Soup

Peel the vegetables and cut them into cubes, chop the onion larger. The pumpkin is cleaned, cut into cubes but a piece is left aside. Put the oil in a pot, add the onion, let it harden, then add a cup of water. Add one at a time the carrots, parsley, potatoes and diced pumpkin, cover with water and simmer over medium heat. Add vegeta and pepper to taste. When they are all cooked, put them in a blender without water until a cream is made. Put it in the pot over the water in which they boiled. It is left to boil.

Meanwhile, put in a pan a few slices of smoked sausage from home to fry without oil. After frying, remove and add the pumpkin cubes that were made from the remaining piece of pumpkin and add the pumpkin seeds. Let it fry.

Put the soup in a hot plate and sprinkle slices of fried sausage, pumpkin pieces and fried seeds.

Pumpkin Cream Soup in Raw Vegan Version

Pumpkin, this sweet and very pleasant superfood, has nutritional properties with multiple health benefits, such as: improved eyesight, due to its high vitamin A content, helps to lose weight, having a very low calorie content and being rich in fiber and the rich content of beta carotene helps prevent cancer.

I found the recipe in the book "Cooking based on raw foods and live foods", written by Doreen Virtue and Jenny Ross.

Soup preparation:
1. Mix all the ingredients in a high power blender until they become a fine paste.

2. Pour the soup into plates, add the sprig of rosemary, dill or fresh parsley and serve with raw vegan pumpkin chips.

3. For storage it can be placed in a vacuum vessel in the refrigerator for a maximum of 5 days.

4. To serve it hot, it can be heated in the oven set to a maximum of 40 degrees for 20 minutes or it is heated over low heat, being permanently controlled with a thermometer so as not to exceed 40 degrees.

Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into small cubes. Place in a pan and sprinkle with salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme and a drop of olive oil. Put the tray in the oven until the pumpkin softens and concentrates all the flavors.

The pumpkin can also be boiled, but the soup is much tastier if it is baked.

Cut the bacon into slices and fry in a little oil, then set aside. In the leftover fat, add the finely chopped onion and cook until soft. Add the baked pumpkin, cover with water and let it boil for 2-3 minutes. Pass with a blender until you get a creamy, velvety consistency. To get an even finer soup, the mixture can be strained.

Place on the fire again and reheat slightly. Add 150 g of sour cream to thin the soup a little and mix well. Season with salt, pepper, nutmeg.
The soup will become really special when placed in the bowl, pour the rest of the sour cream and fried bacon on top. The source of this recipe is the culinary blog: truedelights

Pumpkin cream soup

It's pumpkin season and in all the magazines and culinary sites we are invaded by pumpkin recipes, so why shouldn't I suggest one for you? Besides the pumpkin tart recipe that you can find in the tart category of the culinary recipes menu, try with confidence the pumpkin cream soup, I bet you won't be sorry! I adapted the recipe after one published in the new issue of Ioana Secretele Bucatariei.

& # 8211 1 pumpkin pie (1.5 kg)
& # 8211 200 gr of mascarpone or cream cheese
& # 8211 a little white onion
& # 8211 2 tablespoons butter
& # 8211 1 liter of vegetable or chicken soup
& # 8211 salt and pepper

Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into small cubes. Finely chop the onion and heat it in hot butter. When the onion turns golden, add the pumpkin and cook together for 5-10 minutes. Then add the vegetable soup and let them boil for half an hour, until the pumpkin is soft.

Strain the pumpkin and blend it. Do not put all the soup in which it boiled, but add little by little, until you get the desired consistency. Put the soup back in the pot on the fire and add the cream cheese or mascarpone. Stir constantly until the cheese melts. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

It is delicious the hotter it is and it is served with croutons. We ate it hot with salt-free crackers. Garnish with sour cream or yogurt (lighter version) and a lot of chopped parsley.

Spicy pumpkin soup

In my opinion, soups do not receive the attention they deserve throughout the year. But as soon as the first orange leaf has touched the ground and the weather starts to get a little colder & hellip everyone wants soups and broths! And I'm so glad it's like that.

Soups can even be very filling and full of a lot of nutrients. After all, what can warm you better on a cold day if not a bowl of hot soup? In addition, soups should be extremely delicious, if they are prepared properly, using the right spices and combinations of ingredients. And that's what I want to show you today!

In general, soups are considered good and healthy for the body. Most soups are low in calories and are an easy way to include more vegetables in our daily diet. Not to mention that they are also a super good way to reduce food waste. When you put the pot on the fire for a new soup, nothing stops you to use carrots as well or peppery the one that has been lying behind the refrigerator drawer for a long time. Much better than throwing them in the trash!

You can use almost any leftover vegetables you have in the fridge in most soup recipes. You can even use them with the peel, because that's where most of the fiber in vegetables is found.

Another reason why soups are so good is that it is very cheap to make them! Vegetables are, as you well know, among the cheapest ingredients in stores and on the market. And on top of that, making a soup does not require much effort, it is even a child's play.

In addition, soups help us stay hydrated, which most people seem to forget, especially in the cold seasons. While a cold glass of water sounds great on a hot summer day, we don't feel like drinking the same thing when it's cold. And here soups help us a lot, because this way we can consume the recommended amount of liquids daily.

Ah, when it comes to the autumn and winter months: what could be better than a bowl of hot soup when it's very cold outside and you already feel a little hoarse and think you're having a cold? Almost nothing! It's like getting a warm hug. & # 128578

Well, this spicy pumpkin soup ticks most of the qualities I listed above & ndash and more! & # 128578

This soup contains perfect dose of jute which, by the way, you can omit completely in case you don't like spicy foods. There is no problem!

It is also very creamy without containing an enormous amount of cream. Although I really like cream soups, I noticed that they can be quite heavy and full due to the large amount of cream and fat.

So, I wanted to create a cream soup that is both filling, but also healthy and friendly with the silhouette at the same time. And I decided that in this recipe I want to include many spices that I associate with autumn. So, get ready for a real explosion of flavors!

Another advantage of this spicy pumpkin soup is that it is made with locally grown seasonal ingredients, which helps us live a more sustainable life and minimize our carbon footprint. Speaking of which, I even recommend that you prepare a larger amount of soup when you have more time available and then leave it in the freezer for the next few months. So, whenever you feel like a hot portion of pumpkin cream soup, you just have to heat it!

I'm a big fan of home-cooked and pre-frozen food and I try to do that whenever possible. Using this method, I never run out of food at all, because I always have supplies in the freezer! & # 128578 So I avoid ordering food from restaurants and throwing money away.

Here are some things you will notice after preparing this spicy pumpkin soup:

A. It doesn't take any effort to do it either

B. It is extremely delicious!

It is a perfect soup for cold days, especially if we are talking about a rainy and dark day. You probably know very well what I mean: those autumn days when you get cold just by looking out the window. And what could be better in those days if not the possibility to sit at home, under a blanket, with a bowl of hot soup in your hands? Sounds great, doesn't it?

When it comes to cream soups, I like to play with the toppings at the end. These can add extra texture and flavor to the final dish. In addition, when you have something crunchy to nibble on, it will turn a soup into something even better and satisfying.

In an ideal scenario, I would recommend using some pumpkin seeds as toppings for this spicy pumpkin soup. You can bake them a little in the pan, without oil, with a little salt for extra taste. You can add some pieces of vegan cheese or other seeds such as the hemp ones for extra protein or sunflower for an extraordinary aroma.

Whether you choose to serve this soup with or without the toppings I suggest, I'm sure you'll love this recipe. How could you not like it? It is extremely delicious and healthy! & # 128578

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Pumpkin cream soup - an autumn treat

Preparation time: 20 min
Cooking time:
25 min
Total time:
45 min

The ingredients you need for this soup are the following:

- 1 kg of pumpkin core, without seeds

- 700 ml of strained chicken or vegetable soup

- 4 slices of wholemeal bread with seeds

- a handful of organic sunflower seeds, peeled, raw or fried

- a tip of a nutmeg knife

To prepare pumpkin cream soup, you must follow these steps:

First, put two tablespoons of olive oil in a pan and, when it has heated up, add the finely chopped onions. Leave them on low heat until they become glassy, ​​but they have not changed color yet. Then, put the pumpkin pieces and leave them on the fire for 8-10 minutes, until they change their texture and color, turning golden. Once you have passed this stage, pour the strained soup into the pan and add the spices: salt, pepper and nutmeg. Bring the composition to a boil, then let it simmer for 10 minutes. Next, add the cream and turn the heat a little higher, until the composition starts to boil. When the mixture is homogeneous, take it off the heat and put it in the blender. Mix it for a minute, then strain the cream soup obtained, for a really velvety texture.

From the four slices of wholemeal bread with seeds you can prepare some wonderful croutons. Cut the bread into cubes with a side of about one cm and put them in a pan in two tablespoons of hot oil. Let them brown, and when they are ready, put them in the pumpkin cream soup, together with the peeled pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin cream soup it is a very tasty and easy to make dish. Prepare it too, to be in tune with autumn!

Jamie Oliver: Pumpkin cream soup with croutons

Heat a little olive oil in a pan and fry the sage leaves for 30 seconds. Take them out on a paper napkin.

In the remaining oil, fry the onion, celery, carrot, garlic, rosemary leaves, chili pepper and season with salt and pepper. Leave them for 10 minutes, until the ingredients soften a little, then add the pumpkin and soup and let all the vegetables boil for 30 minutes. After they have boiled, mix them in a blender until you get a puree.

Thin the cream obtained with the soup left in the pot in which the vegetables were boiled.

Prepare the croutons:

Pour extra virgin olive oil over the pieces of ciabatta, sprinkle Parmesan over them and put them in a hot pan, without oil, to perpelate on all sides, until golden brown.

Pumpkin soup with curry and coconut

Pumpkin soup with curry and coconut. Asian pumpkin cream soup. Autumn has come, the time for hot soups. I make pumpkin cream soup a few times every fall, at my daughter's repeated order. So far I have made it simple, with leeks hardened in butter, pumpkin cubes and sour cream for cooking. This time I chose another recipe, more spicy and more fragrant, with an Asian flavor of turmeric and coconut.

I had a nice and orange pumpkin in the house, like a sun at sunset. It was as if the light was radiating on the black kitchen counter! Let's surprise the girl and wait for her with a creamy and hot soup with gluten-free bread croutons with pumpkin seeds, dehydrated onions and parmesan, sprinkled with green and fragrant pumpkin oil. I made this wonderful bread in the project competition organized by Ruxandra from Gourmandelle Lifestyle Blog together with the company Nutrient Solutions which offers for sale GLUTEN FREE food products, manufactured by the famous company Dr. Schär.

The recipe for bread braided with pumpkin seeds, dehydrated fried onions and Parmesan cheese can be found here. I prepared it using special gluten-free flour Bread Mix (Mix B).

It is a very fast soup that is made in 30-40 minutes. It is not pretentious or complicated.