Peppermint syrup

Peppermint syrup

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  1. Fresh mint 200 grams (leaves)
  2. Sugar 2 kilograms
  3. Water 2.5 liters
  4. Lemon juice from 1 lemon
  • Main Ingredients Sugar, Mint


Casserole, stewpan, bottle.


Step 1: prepare the mint leaves.

Peel the mint leaves from the stem and rinse well.

Step 2: boil the mint in syrup.

Dissolve sugar in water, put everything on fire and boil until sugar is completely dissolved (about 15-20 minutes), stir occasionally.
Add the mint leaves to the hot syrup and continue to cook everything together for 20 minutes.

After which the syrup needs to be cooled and filtered to remove all the mint leaves. Add lemon juice. And if you want a richer color, add some green dye. I left the natural color.

Step 3: Serve the peppermint syrup.

Pour the mint syrup into bottles and store in the refrigerator. Add it to various drinks for taste or just dilute it with water and serve with ice. Unbelievably refreshing!
Enjoy your meal!


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