Grilled corn

Grilled corn

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Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


Put the cobs with the back in the water for about 5 minutes, remove the sheets from the corn but not completely and clean the silk cobs then grease them with plenty of butter and wrap the sheets back on the cobs. and turn from time to time until well cooked. Salt to taste.

Grilled corn

No one claims that the best corn company could be butter and a pinch of salt, but we intend to go beyond the usual culinary preferences and cook corn on the open fire, according to recipes you have not yet tried.

Grilled corn - recipe

  • corn - 6 pcs
  • butter - 45 g
  • mayonnaise - 235 ml
  • a handful of green parsley
  • Dried garlic, paprika - 1 teaspoon
  • Parmesan wheat - 45 g
  • bacon - 6 strips
  • lime segments for storage.

Fry the bacon until it is fried and break into a crumb. The heads of corn are cleaned of leaves and greased with butter. Cook the corn over the coals for 4-6 minutes, turning the head to the other side every two minutes. Combine the mayonnaise with the spices and herbs, grease the resulting corn with cooked corn, roll it in grated Parmesan cheese and fried bacon, then serve it with a lime wool.

Grilled corn in foil

  • corn-head - 10 pcs
  • hot peppers to taste
  • garlic - 1 clove
  • a handful of green parsley
  • ground cumin - 1/2 teaspoon
  • cream - 55 ml
  • mayonnaise - 35 ml
  • lime juices
  • grated cheese - 35 g.

Before grilling the corn on the grill, soak the ends with the leaves in cold water for at least an hour. In the future, this will save the corn from burning fast under the influence of intense heat, and the leaves can be tied together and used as a kind of handle that facilitates consumption.

All the ingredients, except the corn itself, are put in a high-speed mixer bowl and mixed in a homogeneous and thick sauce.

Place the straight ends with the leaves on the grill and, turning them every minute, wait for the popcorn flavor to appear (the frying time may vary depending on the heat of the charcoal). Remove the leaves, leave the sauce with a sauce and wrap it in foil, then hold the fire for a few more minutes.

How to bake corn in beer on a grill?

After removing the leaves from the ends, put them in a beer container and leave them for an hour. After a while, put the corn in the microwave for a minute or 3-4 minutes so that the excess moisture disappears quickly, then put your head on the grill and cook for another 3-5 minutes. Pour the corn with melted butter before serving and sprinkle with a generous meal of sea salt.

Grilled corn

grilled corn
Mayonnaise is the ingredient without which many dishes would have no flavor, no taste and no reputation. Always eaten with french fries or in delicious burgers, mayonnaise has its unparalleled contribution. Few people know that mayonnaise can have other uses. Sometimes this mixture based on egg yolk and oil can also play an important role in cosmetic treatments, but most uses of mayonnaise are also related to gastronomy. [..] Other information about: mayonnaise uses, culinary tourism, culinary tips, mayonnaise

3 perfect recipes for a quick, tasty and healthy dinner

grilled corn
If you are tired of dinners rich in carbohydrates and heavy stews, we present some perfect recipes for a quick, healthy and tasty dinner. They are ideal for spring, tasty and rich in nutrients. [..] Other information about: tasty dinner, healthy dinner, quick dinner, simple recipes, dinner recipes, dinner, quick recipes

Calories corn grains to Helix box

grilled corn
[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

Calories corn grains, canned

grilled corn
[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

Calories frozen corn in the bag Vita Star Kaufland

grilled corn
[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

Canned corn calories Aro

grilled corn
[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

Grilled chicken with mozzarella and pesto

grilled corn
Grilled chicken with mozzarella and pesto is a tasty, very tasty and flavorful dish. [..] Other information about: recipes, pesto, chicken, grilled, grilled chicken, mozzarella

Grilled apples with cheese and honey

grilled corn
Do you want to prepare a unique and delicious recipe? We recommend some grilled apples with cheese and honey, which look spectacular and have a lovely aroma. [..] Other information about: desserts, apple recipes, grilled apples, apples with cheese

7 vegetables and fruits that you can fry

grilled corn
Grilled fruits and vegetables are surprisingly tasty. Take advantage of the variety of fruits and vegetables during the summer and try to eat them differently than you used to. Grilled, they take on a completely different taste. [..] Other information about: fried fruits, fried vegetables, grilled fruits, grilled vegetables, grilled, fruits, vegetables

Hot salad with peas, corn and chorizo

grilled corn
Do you want to prepare a tasty and healthy dinner for your family? Then try the hot salad with peas, corn and chorizo, which is very easy to prepare and has a delicious taste. [..] Other information about: dinner recipes, pea recipe, chorizo ​​recipes, chorizo ​​peas

Tomatoes stuffed with rice and corn

grilled corn
Tomatoes stuffed with rice and corn are easy to prepare. All you have to do is mix the ingredients and fill the tomatoes. These can be an attractive and easy appetizer, even good for stimulating the appetite. [..] Other information about: rice, tomatoes, corn, stuffed tomatoes, appetizers

Spicy corn soup-cream

grilled corn
Don't have any ideas for lunch? We offer you a delicious recipe for corn cream soup, the star food in this period. [..] Other information about: cream soup, corn cream soup, cream soup recipes

Salad with baked corn, black beans and poblano peppers

grilled corn
Baked corn salad, black beans and poblano peppers is a salad inspired by Mexican cuisine. It is very tasty and filling. [..] Other information about: baked corn, black beans, corn salad, bean salad

Corn with bacon and onion

grilled corn
A light snack or a side dish can be corn with bacon and onions. You need about 20 minutes to make this dish. [..] Other information about: snack, corn, bacon, corn with bacon

Menu for grilling

grilled corn
If you are thinking of organizing a barbecue with your family and friends, you could also think of a menu suitable for this occasion. Culinar.Acasa.ro offers you some recipe ideas to prepare to include in such a menu. [..] Other information about: menu, green grass, food, barbecue recipes

7 vegetables and fruits that can be grilled

grilled corn
You can turn a simple meal into a spectacular one with a simple trick: put some vegetables on the grill and then some fruits, which you can then turn into a special dessert. Here are 7 fruits and vegetables that you will not fail: [..] Other information about: grilled peaches, grilled fruits, grilled melon, grilled vegetables, grilled recipes

Scallops with mashed corn, prosciutto, butter and lemon

grilled corn
Surprise your guests with a refined entree made of scallops with corn puree, prosciutto, butter and lemon. [..] Other information about: prosciutto, shellfish recipes, rereta shellfish, scallop shellfish, corn puree, lemon butter

Diet for active people

grilled corn
A hearty breakfast, meat every day, fruit and bread should not be missing from the diet of those who do not see their business. From morning to evening you keep it only in meetings, [..]

Cherry diet: Get rid of your belly quickly!

grilled corn
Get rid of belly fat quickly with the cherry diet. These sour fruits are ideal for weight loss and detoxification of the body. [..] Other information about: cherry benefits, cherry diet, belly diet, diet

Grilled sandwich with foccacia

grilled corn
The foccacia grilled sandwich is quick to prepare and very tasty. You can prepare it on days when you don't want to cook something complicated or when you go on a picnic. You can serve it with baked potatoes. [..] Other information about: recipes, sandwich, foccacia, grilled sandwich, foccacia sandwich

Grilled salmon with yogurt and mint sauce

grilled corn
Grilled salmon with yogurt and mint sauce is a healthy dish, ideal for those on a diet. It is easy to prepare, very fragrant and tasty. [..] Other information about: recipes, salmon, yogurt, mint, grilled salmon, yogurt sauce

Grilled pepper salad

grilled corn
Grilled pepper salad is ideal for a delicious snack at lunch, which will delight your taste buds. In addition, it is very healthy and contains very few calories. [..] Other information about: salad recipes, salad with peppers, salad with baked peppers, grilled peppers

Hanoi-style grilled fish

grilled corn
Invite your friends to a delicious and tasty barbecue: Hanoi-style fish. It prepares quickly, has a distinct aroma and a delightful smell. [..] Other information about: fish, turmeric, grilled fish

Sandwich with grilled eggplant and baked peppers

grilled corn
The sandwich with grilled eggplant and baked peppers is prepared quickly, it is tasty and filling. It is ideal for moments when you feel like something salty and light. It can also be taken to work or turned into a child's package for school. [..] Other information about: sandwich, eggplant sandwich, sandwich recipes

Delicious grilled plums with yogurt and pistachios

grilled corn
If you want to impress your guests with an appetizing dessert, but also very tasty, we recommend a delicious recipe for grilled plums with yogurt and pistachios, which will delight you. Even if you are on a diet, you can enjoy this dessert in peace, because it contains very few calories. [..] Other information about: plums, dessert, plum yogurt

Chicken beets and pineapple

A great idea to serve as a starter to guests at a barbecue this season. The recipe is very simple.

  • 1 kilogram of chicken breast
  • ½ pineapple
  • marinade
  • 1 tablespoon mustard seeds
  • ¼ liters of soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon hot pepper
  • 1 clove chopped garlic
  • 100 grams of chopped onion
  • Olive oil
  • salt

Step by step recipe

  1. First, the chicken breast is cut and marinated in a glass bowl with the indicated ingredients. The glass vessel is covered with transparent paper.
  2. Once three hours have passed, the pieces of marinated chicken breast are drained and pierced on the skewer, introducing the pineapple pieces.
  3. Finally, they are grilled until golden brown. A good idea to avoid burning on the grill, it is advisable to put the chicken breast soaked in water before marinating.

How to Grate Corn in Foil |

Shuck and clean the corn and make sure it is nice and dry.

Tear off a sheet of aluminum foil, about a foot long should be in abundance.

Brush each cornstarch with about 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Then sprinkle each ear with salt and pepper.

You can also add other spices, such as chili powder, garlic powder or fresh herbs at this time.

How long to grate the corn on the cob in foil

Your duration will vary a bit based on how hot the grill is and where the corn is placed relative to the other items on the grill.

I recommend grating the corn for about 15 minutes directly over high heat. .

You can also place the corn in the corners of the grill, but don’t forget to add another 5-10 minutes to the cooking time, as this part of the grill is not as hot.

Be sure to turn the corn over halfway through cooking time, as you are cooking on a direct heat source.

And, be careful when removing the foil from the corn!

You may want to wear oven gloves to do this, as the steam will be released from the foil package. The corn will be HOT!

If you liked this grilled corn recipe on foil, I think you will also enjoy these friendly grilled recipes:

Sonja Overhiser

Author and writer of the cookbook

Sonja Overhiser is the author of the book Pretty Simple Cooking, named one of the best healthy cookbooks of 2018. She is the host of the food podcast Small Bites and the founder of the food blog A Couple Cooks. Presented from the TODAY show to Bon Appetit, Sonja tries to inspire adventurous food to make the world a better place, one bite at a time.

Alex Overhiser

Author and photographer of cookbook

Alex Overhiser is an acclaimed Indianapolis-based photographer and food author. He is the host of the food podcast Small Bites and the founder of the recipe site A Couple Cooks. Presented from the TODAY show to Bon Appetit, Alex is the author of Pretty Simple Cooking, named one of the best vegetarian cookbooks by Epicurious.

Corn salads

Lust for corn salads? Nothing easier. Explore these corn salad recipes and prepare an absolutely delicious and healthy dish.

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  • Salads (195)
    • Salads, raw (38)
    • Summer salads (54)
    • Fasting salads (29)
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    Purple potato salad can be prepared in many ways, purple potatoes being easy to match with other salad-specific ingredients. Imi.

    When we say salad, we say health, don't we? And when we eat it, we congratulate ourselves, in our minds, for the correct and healthy choice we have.

    Summer salads are that simple mix of tastes and textures. They hide few calories, are full and ideal for hot summer days.

    Avocado couscous salad is very easy to prepare and can be a great energy cocktail without bringing a very high caloric intake.

    Tuna basmati rice salad is prepared very quickly and is a cocktail of vitamins and minerals: Omega 3 fatty acids from tuna.

    Cobb salad is the quintessence of American salads, being invented by Robert Cobb, a chef at a famous Brown Derby restaurant, who has.

    Couscous and broccoli salad is an ideal combination of vitamins, proteins and minerals for the baby, being also a form.

    The raw salad with corn is delicious and offers the whole family the necessary vitamins but also a sufficient caloric intake. No salad.

    Corn and quinoa salad brings a great nutritional intake in the diet of a child and an adult. Quinoa cereals (which are, of.

    Tuna, vegetable and rice salad is very nutritious, and can become the favorite dish of the whole family. Don't forget that you can set the tone.

    Boeuf salad is one of the favorites of Romanian cuisine, being easy to prepare, very tasty, and ideal for both holidays and.

    Grilled corn and watermelon sauce

    Preheat the grill to medium-high heat.

    Rub 3 tablespoons of olive oil over the corn and season with salt and pepper. Place on the grill and cook for 8-10 minutes, turning frequently. Add the watermelon to the grill and cook for 1-2 minutes on each side. Remove the corn and watermelon from the grill and set aside to cool. After it has cooled, cut the corn kernels off the hat and cut the watermelon into ½ inch cubes.

    In a saucepan on the grill or on the stove, heat the maple syrup until it boils. Add watermelon and stir to combine. Remove from heat and set aside.

    In a bowl, combine corn, garlic, onion, cilantro, chopped and lemon and lime juice, leaving 1 tablespoon of olive oil and maple syrup and watermelon. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

    Grilled corn

    grated corn
    Do you love grilled corn? Why not try to make it tastier and more appetizing? Season the baked corn with three tasty toppings to pamper your taste buds. Serve your friends or guests at the table and you will definitely impress them. [..] Other information about: grilled corn, fried corn, baked corn, corn, baked corn recipes, corn recipes

    Grilled corn: 2 delicious summer recipes

    grated corn
    Grilled corn is one of the delicacies worth enjoying in the summer season, when freshly harvested cobs abound on all market stalls. But beyond the simple corn baked with salt, there are special recipes for grilled corn, which gives this dish a special taste, turning it into a delicious snack, rich in natural and healthy flavors! [..] Other information about: baked corn, grilled corn, spicy baked corn, baked parmesan corn

    How to make the best grilled vegetables

    grated corn
    Grilled vegetables are the simplest garnish for a steak or a summer salad. Dietary and tasty, grilled vegetables look very good and are made in just 5 minutes. [..] Other information about: vegetables, recipes, barbecue, grilled vegetables

    Salad with corn, cherry tomatoes and basil

    grated corn
    Corn salad with basil and tomatoes is a simple dish to make, good-looking and nutritious. You can consume it as such, instead of a main course. [..] Other information about: basil, salads, corn salad, cherry tomatoes, salad recipes

    Black bean and corn pizza

    grated corn
    Use black beans and fresh corn to prepare a unique pizza. Mix the corn kernels with the pieces of tomatoes, black beans and sprinkle mozzarella for a delicious and filling pizza. [..] Other information about: beans, corn, mozzarella, pizza, pizza recipes, black beans, barbeque

    Tacos with cornflakes and beef

    grated corn
    Do you want to surprise your guests with a delicious and original snack? Then try a tasty taco recipe with cornflakes and beef, which is prepared in just a few minutes. [..] Other information about: beef, tacos, tacos with meat, tacos recipe

    Baked corn with lime sauce and butter

    grated corn
    Are you preparing for an outdoor party and you still don't know what to serve the guests with? You can try with confidence, for appetizer, some baked corn, delicious, flavored with a little lime and butter. [..] Other information about: wild pigeons, baked corn, lime sauce, corn recipes

    Beef steak with herbs, lemon and corn

    grated corn
    Prepare a healthy, consistent and tasty dinner for the weekend: beef steak with herbs, lemon and corn. It is delicious and does not require much preparation time. [..] Other information about: beef, steak, herbs, beef steak

    Pasta with cherry tomatoes and corn, an ideal recipe for the warm season

    grated corn
    Are you tired of heavy foods that take up a lot of your time? Try a delicious pasta recipe with cherry tomatoes and corn, which is prepared quickly. It is ideal both as a main course and as a side dish with a grilled steak. [..] Other information about: summer recipes, pasta recipes, red recipes, corn pasta, tomato pasta, corn recipes

    Salad with green beans, tomatoes and corn

    grated corn
    Summer is the season for fresh and tasty salads. Don't miss the moment and prepare healthy salads, suitable for the whole family. One of the salads of the season is the salad with green beans, tomatoes and proumb. It is a light and fragrant food [..] Other information about: boiled corn, beans, tomatoes, garlic, onion

    Learn to cook delicious grilled vegetables!

    grated corn
    For an easy and healthy dinner, grilled vegetables are a cheap and handy solution. All you have to do is grease the vegetables with olive oil and season them with salt and pepper. In addition, the spice combinations you can serve with are unlimited. Discover below eight simple and delicious recipes with grilled vegetables! [..] Other information about: diet recipes, vegetables, dinner, cooking tips, grilled vegetables

    Tomatoes stuffed with bacon, cheese and corn

    grated corn
    Tomatoes stuffed with bacon, cheese and corn are a satisfying dish, suitable for appetizers. For this dish you need about 40 minutes. [..] Other information about: tomatoes, cheese, corn, stuffed tomatoes, bacon, tomatoes stuffed with bacon

    How to make grilled vegetables

    grated corn
    Grilled vegetables can successfully accompany grilled meat and are a vegetarian or even a perfectly healthy and nutritious fasting meal. [..] Other information about: barbecue recipes, vegetables, culinary

    How to make the best ripe corn

    grated corn
    Baked corn is a delicacy for those who want to remember the taste of childhood spent in the country, with grandparents. The taste of ripe corn grains, sometimes almost burnt, can also be obtained at home, whether you live in a block of flats or in the yard. Here are some tips to follow to get the one. [..] Other information about: corn, vegetables, summer vegetables

    Pineapple sauce sauce

    grated corn
    Pineapple salsa sauce is ideal for chicken, fish or pork dishes. It cooks quickly and is very tasty. The combination of fruits, vegetables and spices gives it a special flavor [..] Other information about: pineapple, pepper, beans, corn

    3 delicious baked corn recipes that you should try this summer

    grated corn
    Take full advantage of the corn season and prepare the tastiest baked corn recipes. Forget the classic baked and seasoned corn only with salt and butter and prepare more complex recipes that will conquer you on the spot. [..] Other information about: baked corn with lime, baked corn with cheese, baked corn with parmesan, baked corn recipes, baked corn, corn

    Mini appetizers with spectacular appearance

    grated corn
    Do you need inspiration for preparing appetizers? Give up the classic sandwiches with ham and cheese and prepare delicious mini snacks, with a spectacular look. We suggest three easy-to-prepare recipes, but with a special visual impact! [..] Other information about: appetizers, mini appetizers, appetizer recipes

    How to prepare grilled meat for a delicious steak!

    grated corn
    Do you want to make a delicious grilled steak to delight your guests? The secret? The spices. [..] Other information about: grilled steak, grilled meat, grill, barbecue recipes

    Chocolate diet! Lose 7 kg in 14 days by eating your favorite dessert

    grated corn
    Do you love chocolate and can't give it up for anything in the world? Then, the chocolate diet is perfect for you, if you want to lose weight fast, until spring. The chocolate diet lasts 14 days and is easy to maintain. [..] Other information about: chocolate diet, lose weight by eating, diet

    3 perfect recipes for a light dinner

    grated corn
    A light dinner that is prepared quickly, with fresh and tasty ingredients, is ideal for hot summer days, when heavy foods no longer have a place in the diet. [..] Other information about: simple recipes, dinner recipes, light recipes, recipes, quick recipes

    5 snack recipes for movies

    grated corn
    Do you want to enjoy a marathon of movies to test your new home cinema? If you have decided to stay at home and enjoy a movie in privacy, treat yourself to a delicious meal, only good for you and your friends. [..] Other information about: food, recipes, pizza, snacks, chickpeas, snack recipes

    Simple and quick recipes for cooking corn

    grated corn
    Boiled corn is in high demand during the summer. [..] Other information about: corn, recipes, culinary

    The Montignac regime in short

    grated corn
    Among the multitude of diets and diets that we can find now, some of which are more drastic and more radical, Michel Montignac proposes a somewhat different approach to the process of [..]

    Super fast three-day diet: How to lose weight without any effort!

    grated corn
    Do you want to get rid of extra pounds in no time, without making too much effort? We offer you a simple, ultra-fast diet, which will help you look perfect in summer, in a swimsuit. [..] Other information about: light diet, fish diet, fast diet, diet, diet

    He learns how to make a hot dog like at his mother's house

    grated corn
    The famous hot dog was born on American soil, and, if at the beginning it was simple, as most of us know, now the recipes for its preparation have multiplied and become more and more sophisticated. [..] Other information about: hotdog, hotdog marinade, hotdog sauce, hotdog recipes

    Grilled cheese with Arabic bread, garlic dressing with parsley and tomato salad

    To highlight the Cheese Mix, I chose to accompany it with a tomato salad, a garlic sauce with green parsley, a fluffy Arabic bread and a few sprigs of green onions. A lightning combination with a spring scent!

    Video: HIBACHI GRILLED RIBEYE + SHRIMP. Recipe. BBQ Pit Boys (July 2022).


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