Cherry jam with raspberries, no sugar

Cherry jam with raspberries, no sugar

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First prepare a few jars. Wash them well with hot water and drain. Wipe them well with a clean towel before use to make sure they have no more water splashes.

Wash the cherries, clean them of tails and seeds. Raspberries, wash it, but very lightly do not crush it too hard and put it in a sieve to drain. Cherries with the juice in place, put them in a thicker pan (I use a tuci) and transfer them to the fire. Put the lemon juice over and when it starts to boil, turn the heat to low. Boil them for 25 minutes.

You can take the foam, but I always leave it. Add the raspberries after this time, mix gently, then add the gelling sweetener. Stir gently, but always until the sweetener is melted. Boil the jam for another 10 minutes, still on low heat, then remove from the heat.

Put the hot jam in jars. Thread the lids tightly, wrap the hot jars in a blanket and leave them there until the next day.

Label them and store them cold.

I got 4 jars of 370 gr and a smaller jar, plus what I tasted!

Good appetite!

Cherry jam with raspberries, without sugar - Recipes

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Weight / volume: 195g

Product code: 5000165
Producer: Zwergenwiese

24/48 h by express courier

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15 lei transport
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Raspberry juice *, raw cane sugar *, lemon juice & acircie * *, apple pectin gelling agent. * come from organic farming

Velvety and clear - the princess among the spreadable fruits won the gourmet crown. Organic fruit juice offers an intense fruit taste. Our sweet and rich treatment, desserts, ice cream, biscuits and many other small pleasures. More sweet treatments can be found in the Zwergenwiese recipe booklet.


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