Dessert without baking "Mandarin"

Dessert without baking "Mandarin"

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For the basics

  1. Waffles 80 gr.
  2. drain oil 40 gr.
  3. chocolate 150 gr.
  4. sour cream 3-4 tbsp

For custard

  1. eggs 2 pcs.
  2. sugar 100 gr.
  3. vanilla sugar 10 gr.
  4. flour 40 gr.
  5. milk 500 ml
  6. gelatin 20 gr.
  7. tangerines 6 pcs.
  • Main ingredients


bowl, stewpan, whisk, cling film, dessert pan


1) Prepare the cream. In a stewpan with a thick bottom we combine 2 eggs, 100 gr. sugar, 10 gr. vanilla sugar and 40 gr. flour. Stir and pour a little 500 ml. milk. Mix well until the lumps are completely dissolved. We put on the fire and constantly stirring, bring to a boil and thicken. It is best to mix with a whisk. Remove from heat and add 20 gr. instant gelatin. Mix well until it is completely dissolved.

2) 5 tangerine peel and white veins.

3) Prepare the basis for the dessert. 3 wafer cakes weighing 80 g. chopped by hands. Grind it with a blender, because it will be too small crumb. Melt 150 gr. dark chocolate in the microwave for short pulses of 10 seconds or in a water bath. I added 40 g to it. butter. Add to the waffle chips and mix well. I also added 3 tbsp. sour cream, but you look at the consistency of the mass, you may need a little more or less, the mass should be viscous, elastic, not too dense so that it can be molded well from it.

3) Prepare the form. I have a cupcake mold 21/11 cm in size. We cover it with cling film, I preliminarily lightly greased the mold with vegetable oil so that the film sticks easier. We lay out the prepared mass in a form, level it on the walls and bottom, sealing with hands.

4) Pour 2/3 of custard, inside tightly to each other spread the tangerines. Tangerines are better to take medium-sized. Fill with the remaining cream. Cover with cling film and send to the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, preferably 3-4 hours.

5) When the cake is well frozen, I walk along the side walls with a thin knife, since there is no cling film and turn the cake over onto a dish. I cut the edges of the cake. On the sides I spread mandarin slices, cut in half, cut up. Here's a cake turned out in the end. Cut into slices and treat yourself!