Stunningly delicious coconut pumpkin dessert

Stunningly delicious coconut pumpkin dessert

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  1. Pumpkin 750 gr.
  2. Sugar 2-3 tbsp (or to taste)
  3. Water 100 ml.
  4. Lemon (orange) 1/2 pcs.
  5. or 100-120 ml. juice to taste
  6. Starch 35-40 gr.
  • Main Ingredients


knife, cutting board, baking paper, pan, whisk or spatula, dessert dish, cling film


Peel the pumpkin, cut into small pieces and bake in the oven until soft at a temperature of 180 * C.

Remove the zest from half a lemon and squeeze the juice. Starch (preferably corn) pour lemon juice and mix well until the lumps are completely dissolved.

I put the baked pumpkin in the pan, add sugar, lemon zest and starch with lemon juice to taste. I interrupt everything with a blender into a homogeneous mass. I pour in water, put it on the fire and constantly stirring, boiling for 10-12 minutes, you will see how the mass thickens and decreases in volume, which means it is time to remove from the fire.

Prepare the form in advance. Cover with cling film, grease on top with odorless vegetable oil. Pour the prepared hot mass. And cover butt with cling film, previously also lubricated with vegetable oil, so that the mass does not stick. Send to the refrigerator until completely cooled and stabilized, at least 4 hours.

After this time, remove the dessert from the mold, cut into squares. Dip each piece into coconut flakes on all sides.