Cookies with lard and sour cream

Cookies with lard and sour cream

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In a bowl put lard, add sour cream, sugar, vanilla sugar, eggs, salt powder and orange peel. Mix all the ingredients well, then put the baking powder and squeeze half of the orange. At the end add flour and mix well.

We put the dough in a posh and form the popcorn that we decorate with raisins, we place the cookies in a tray lined with baking paper. Put the pan in the preheated oven, over medium heat, about 20-25 minutes, until it starts to brown nicely.

Remove from the pan, powder with sugar or put chocolate sauce on top.

To start, quickly mix the lard, sour cream, vanilla sugar with 400g of flour and quickly knead a dough like a plasticine. The dough should not be elastic, rubbery. If necessary, add more flour, if it is too sandy add cream.

We gather the dough in the form of a ball, cover it with a foil and put it in the grill for 3-4 hours or even from evening to morning.

Then (after 3 4 hours in the cold) we take it out, we spread it on the table sprinkled with flour like a salami, we cut it in 6 and we start the work.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees with the function up and down.

We take a piece of dough, shape it into a ball and spread it on the table sprinkled with a little flour. We stretch it thin enough to be seen through it.

Put a plate on top with a diameter of 22 cm and cut a circle. We cut it into 8 triangles and at the base of each we put a little plum magic and roll towards the top slightly.

We place them in the tray not very close, they grow a little when baking and we bake the croissants in the tray lined with baking paper for 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius until they brown a little at the tops.

Meanwhile, we prepare another tray with croissants.

When they are ripe, the first ones are left to cool for a while, because they are very tender, they can be crushed, then we shock them and put them in powdered sugar and place them on a plate.

They are very good cold and as I said after staying at least a day.

Forget how tender the next day is!

Here you have the option of tender croissants filled with shit.

I used a 22 cm shape and cut it into 16 to get smaller croissants, with this filling it is much easier to work with.

And the recipe for tender croissants tried by readers

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Cookies with butter & # 8211 video recipe

My dears, I present to you today a butter cookie recipe absolutely amazing. They have a delicate buttery aroma, are slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and are great with a glass of milk or a cup of hot chocolate.

These cookies they are so easy to make and you definitely already have all the ingredients at hand to make them anytime. You can also involve the little ones in preparing the recipe by having them cut cookies with the help of cute shapes. They will definitely have fun for minutes. Serve them with jam, chocolate cream or as such. They will be delicious.

Fresh croissants with lard and cream filled with jam and walnuts

There is no festive Christmas meal that does not exist, on the plate of cakes and a few tender croissants with lard. They always remind me of my childhood days when I used to make huge amounts of croissants with my grandmother.

My grandmother's birthday was on December 30th and every year she prepared desserts in advance, a week before, especially to have Christmas and her birthday and, obviously, for the next day, at the New Year's table.

Every year, when I do them during this period, I remember her and the happy childhood I had even in those difficult times. Now don't ask me a date of birth: p but, in order to understand what I'm talking about, I'm just telling you that it's about the period of sad memory before the Revolution.

But let's leave the memories and go back to our traditional croissants with lard and cream filled with jam or walnut and jam or shit. More modern, they can also be filled with Nutella chocolate cream. Or I know, anything else comes to mind. For example, I have a recipe for croissants stuffed with halva on my blog.

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It is a very simple and easy dough to make and don't be surprised that it doesn't have sugar in it. He doesn't need to. A little salt, however, is good to add because otherwise it tastes bland. The croissant will take its sweetness from the filling and the powdered sugar on top. But let's see how they are done together.

Homemade lard biscuit

Could I use butter instead of lard? Ingredients spirit cookies, with lard. They are the most fragile biscuits that can be cooked at home, especially if you prepare them with lard. All you need are ingredients, a specially shaped shredder and. Cakes & # 8211 cakes & # 8211 urban flavor cookies. Spirited biscuits were made in every home.

How to make sprite biscuits, video recipe. Old recipe from my mother's notebook. Everyone had the shape of cookies at home! I said to myself, "They won't eat cookies at all." I think it's one of the simplest cookie recipes. It is very easy to make and does not require many ingredients. Biscuits just like at home - biscuits sprinkled with butter or lard!

We present you a special recipe for fragile biscuits.

Fresh croissants with shit dough with butter or lard

Flodni cake with walnuts, poppy seeds, apples and plum magic I got to make this one too! A combination between Greta Garbo or Jerbo and Gibanica. During this period, when everyone cuts the pig and makes jumari, there remains the lard that can be used for sweets. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Rating: 4.5 & # 8211 9 reviews & # 8211 35 min. Fresh croissants with shit & # 8211 vanilla and fragrant croissants, tender to melt in your mouth. From the same dough with butter or lard can be made. Ingredients for 25 pcs: For the dough: 3 cups of flour (450 gr.) = 1.20 lei. Fresh dough with lard and borscht, old recipe, a wonderful dough for croissants, cookies, jam biscuits, cake sheets, tarts, nuts. Apple cake & # 8211 MyBisque mybisque.

Cornulete with lard, a simple and delicious pastry that has entered the tradition of holiday meals for Romanians. Fragrant cookies or biscuits with lard and lemon flavor. This dough is ideal for croissants with jam or shit filling, it can be made from it and sheets for various cakes with apples, cheese or. For years, since I've been a fan.

The tender consistency of the dough and. Recipes Homemade sweets and cakes with lard. Top recipes Homemade sweets and cakes with lard

harlequin cake, croissants with jam, Baigli with walnuts and poppy seeds.

Cornlets with lard. Fluffy and tender

I don't remember exactly when I stopped eating these soft, fluffy, puffy and tender donuts with lard, but I know for sure that their wonderful taste remained well imprinted in my mind. The reasons were enough, one of them was that I couldn't find any way to buy lard and I didn't have this great plum magic either.

But fortunately I have two very generous cousins ​​who gave me goodies from home and I had the urge to tender cornlets with lard which I have been dreaming of for a long time.

So, Dana and Geanina, thank you very much!


Fresh croissants with lard and sour cream & # 8211 The most beloved sweetness around the holidays or events in our lives, fine, fragrant and delicious delicacies. They are very easy to prepare, and the filling can be chosen according to tastes or what you have around the house: jam, nuts, halva, chocolate, poppy seeds.

They are perfect and next to the cup of coffee (or tea), I often prepared them for the picnic basket or the trips the child goes on, but also for the simple reason that I had a craving for something delicious, easy to prepare. I made a single tray of ctender ornaments with lard and sour cream because I had two other desserts made for that weekend. If I'm fine with time, mine are pampered on Saturday and Sunday. If I don't have time for desserts, then my mother most often prepares a simple cake with fruit or pancakes.

Fresh croissants with lard and sour cream they are indispensable for the holidays. There is no such thing as not having two or three kinds of desserts on the table. I have several croissant recipes, so if you want to be inspired I invite you to see all donut recipes here: croissants with walnuts, with vanilla, croissants with borscht, with jam, with shit. for me the croissants fall into the category of cookies, so I invite you to see other recipes for cookies, here.

My grandmother did it during the war and immediately after the war tender cornlets with lard, flour, sugar, water and vinegar, without eggs. Sugar was hard to come by, but I understood that they managed and used it as a currency for other foods. Eggs were avoided in desserts because they were a rarity and only ended up in food. There are many recipes for cookies without eggs, I also have at least three recipes on the blog.

Well, the recipe for these tender croissants with lard and sour cream doesn't have eggs either. And great croissants come out. I think all housewives cook such croissants. Be just with lard, either combined with sour cream or croissants with butter and sour cream.

The recipe for these donuts with lard and sour cream, filled with shit, is certainly one of the most delicious and best recipes for tender cookies with a filling that can be changed, depending on the taste. You will not waste much time with their preparation.

For this reason, I leave below the list of ingredients and how to prepare it tender croissants with lard and sour cream and I wish you good luck with the cake.


120 g cold lard from the refrigerator

250 g flour + 120 g flour for the work table

1 teaspoon vanilla paste or 1/2 teaspoon natural vanilla essence

120 g powdered sugar for wallpaper

To quickly make tender croissants with lard and sour cream, filled with shit, I put all the ingredients at hand.

I melted the lard, then let it cool to room temperature. I added sour cream and vanilla paste and mixed until the composition was homogenous.

I incorporated flour mixed with a pinch of salt. When the dough has homogenized, I wrapped it in cling film and put it in the fridge for 45-60 minutes.

If it stays too long it hardens very hard and stretches hard. If you leave it in the fridge overnight, keep it at least 30 minutes at room temperature so that it can be easily spread.

I divided the dough into 4 pieces, which I spread in a circle with a diameter of 18-20 cm. I cut the shit into rectangular pieces of the right size so that they can be covered with dough, and its edges can be glued and bent easily. From the leftover dough I made 4 more croissants.

I put the croissants in the baking tray lined with baking paper. The croissants do not swell during baking, we should not worry if they are close enough. I baked them at 180 ° C for 15-20 minutes & # 8211 depending on the oven, so that the copper is light on the bottom and white on top.

My cornets came out small to medium and finished quickly.

You can double the quantities if you prepare them for the holidays or if you have guests.

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Cookies with butter and lard

These cookies melt in your mouth when they are tender. I really like it!

Excellent for milk or hot tea!

Fragile and very good. Many kisses!

Very beautiful and delicious!

I also ate 2-3 with the milk in the morning because they are very beautiful!

super delicious ♥ and extremely beautiful ♥

Very good for a late breakfast & # 8230 with a cup of tea in hand and eyes on the snow outside! Kiss

Excellent & # 8230 I steal for coffee tomorrow. Kiss!

Excellent & # 8230 I steal for coffee tomorrow. Kiss!

I'm a big fan of cookies! kiss

What madness I love that I can no longer! I kiss you dearly beautiful and hardworking girl!

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Add the soft butter and mix. Pamper those at home with tender, tasty and fragrant cookies. Fresh dough with lard and sour cream. The best dough for croissants is the one with lard. I was in the mountains a few weeks ago and I ate the most. Find below the step-by-step video recipe for croissants with lard and sour cream. The tender croissants with butter and shit are a recipe for delicious cookies. 3-2-1 cookies is a simple and quick recipe for tender cookies with butter. Papanasi with cream and jam traditional recipe. Mix butter, room temperature, sugar, yolks and vanilla with the mixer.

For the caramel, melt the caramels and sweet cream in a saucepan. Store in a cool, dry place. Consume, preferably, until the date mentioned on the package.

The recipe for these tender cookies with butter is extremely easy and fast and once tried, you will do it.


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