Trummer’s on Main Serves Up a Burger Bar

Trummer’s on Main Serves Up a Burger Bar

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Fine dining is a funny thing. Although a meal at a great restaurant can become a cherished memory, top spots can intimidate diners. Intending to attract more casual diners, Trummer’s on Main in Clifton, Va., about 40 minutes outside of Washington, D.C., is offering a down-home and all-American burger bar.

And it’s not the first time this has happened either. Last year’s three-week pop-up burger bar was so successful that the restaurant decided to bring it back from March 11 until May 29. Trummer’s is located on this quaint, historical Main street in the city that harkens back to the area’s country roots — train tracks and small, family-run shops included. The building Trummer’s occupies dates back to 1869, and the restaurant is gorgeous too. After entering, you’ll be greeted by a bar to your left and a wine cellar along with a private dining room on the ground floor. The restaurant’s centerpiece is a light-filled, perfect-for-rehearsal dinners Atrium on the second floor. The room exudes elegance and even includes outdoor dining with a waterfall backdrop.

Next up is the restaurant’s Gallery Room, named after the many paintings hanging up on the walls. I personally loved the retro touches of Humphrey Bogart and Elizabeth Taylor’s portraits posted on the doors of the men’s and women’s restrooms. The Gallery seats 50 and is home of the burger bar. And the burgers do not disappoint. I have to say that I was impressed by each and every creation. First up was the vegetarian option — the falafel burger with grilled haloumi and tzatziki sauce. I loved the texture of this burger and how the flavors were combined. I’m always delighted to find a veggie option that doesn’t fall flat, and this one would impress even the most dedicated carnivores.

The Surf and Turf Burger was a delightful combination of 28-day dry-aged Angus beef and a 12-ounce lobster tail — perfect for the indecisive seafood and beef lover. My personal favorite was the totally indulgent Bacon Pittsburger. Served with house-made Rolling Rock sauerkraut, bacon and (yes!) French fries, this feels like an upscale version of what you’d whip up after a long night of drinking. This was my favorite burger and the one I remembered most. If you like to go all out with your burgers, try this one. Additional options include an ahi tuna burger and even a chicken burger for poultry fans. And the sides shined bright too. If you like it heavy and hearty, try the French fries poutine with Andouille sausage gravy. I almost felt like it was too rich, but a perfect way to complement a burger. The truffle mac and cheese was a creamy, rich dish that also served as an ideal sidekick to a thick slab of Angus beef.

Another highlight of the burger bar is the restaurant’s boozy milkshakes. Order plain vanilla or chocolate. Or if you like your desserts to be creative, consider asking for a Maple Bacon shake—a dynamic concoction of maple ice cream, bacon toffee and bacon bits—or a PB&J—toast ice cream, grape jelly and house-made peanut butter. For an extra $5, you can add bourbon to the Maple Bacon or rum to the PB&J. The maple bacon did taste good and thick, but was drowned out by the bourbon. Although I did enjoy smooth bourbon sliding down my throat, it would have been nice to taste the ice cream too. I’d suggest you ask for a light pour if you order these.

If you’ve always wanted to try one of the area’s best spots and want to start in a low-key fashion, I’d suggest going to Trummer’s Burger Bar. Don’t be afraid. You’ll slowly start to shed your fears as you chow down on all-American juicy burgers and shakes. And after you enjoy the poutine, you’ll just have to return for more.

Teresa Tobat is the Washington, D.C. Travel city editor for The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @ttobat88. View her website at teresaktobat.com.

Really Good Deal: Trummer's on Main

I just had dinner here on Sunday night and found out they have a three course special for $38 and many of the wines by the glass are $5.

The dishes are amazingly composed, and the food here is really well thought out and balanced. I enjoyed all the dishes I had. It is a real steal for the price. So if you can make it out I would highly recommend it. It's better than 4/5 of the restaurants on the Restaurant Week list and the price is about the same.

My review from DonRockwell:

Started at the bar- really nice bartender. Hubby had a Main Street with bourbon and cinnamon that was really good, I had a glass of sparkling wine from Barboursville. We tried some of the popcorn at the bar with truffle oil and Parmesan cheese and it was really good. The burgers down there look fantastic will have to go back for that. But they normally don't serve their bar menu on Sunday night. I had $5 glasses of Norton from Clifton that was fruity, but nice with all the rich flavors I had.

I started with the mussels and curried quinoa that was nicely balanced and very refreshing as it had a nice hint of lemon and a balsamic reduction. I tried Hubby's Mulligatawny soup and really enjoyed it as well, lots of celery and lime flavor in the broth. For an entree I had the lamb brisket which also was really good. The cut is fatty, so if you don't like fat you wouldn't like this dish, but it tasted delicious and was served with simple vegetables, sauteed in some butter. I ended with a cheese course as I wasn't feeling it for sweets, and that was nicely presented with some nuts, honey and fig bread. There were three samplings a wisonsin cows milk gouda, wisconsin cows milk cheese similar to a brie, but a little more flavor then a soft sheeps cheese that I forget the origin of. I also have to note that I love their breads here. Hubby woofed down all of his dessert and didn't even offer me a taste so it must have been good. Then they brought out 4 lemongrass truffles to end the meal.

The Sunday deal is a really good deal for some really nicely made and presented food. And stellar service. And the drive from Arlington on a Sunday night isn't bad at all, completely worth it for this gem.

Breakfast Is Served: Concha sandwiches and what’s next for BarbacoApparel

It’s not often you meet a food soulmate. This past June, after following BarbacoApparel and one third of their creative team Richard Diaz on Instagram for several months now, I asked Diaz to meet for concha burgers at The Old Main Assoc. off Main Avenue.

One snag — the San Antonio native currently works in Dallas, but you wouldn’t guess it from his SA-filled posts. When we were finally able to meet, Diaz, his partner Adrian Paredez and I ran into snag numero dos: Old Main serves a limited menu on weekends until 5, which didn’t work for our 2 p.m. meetup.
Still, we sipped on rosé and noshed on fried mole chicken while catching up on BarbacoApparel, which expanded its reach across the state last fall when Whole Earth Provision Co. began carrying the popular shirts that succinctly describe the Latino/a experience in the Alamo City. Where else are you going to get a box of fideo or a diagram of where menudo and carnitas come from on a T-shirt?

But Diaz and BarbacoApparel partners Matt Contreras and Nydia Huiza aren’t stopping at food. There’s plans for more apparel that’ll focus on pop culture including scenes from La Bamba with Esai Morales bellowing “Ritchieeee,” or lucha libre interpretations of da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man or hoops-donning chola-fied kitties. And it probably won’t be long before you find a BarbacoApparel truck or storefront — the team is working on ways to move into more apparel (taco socks, anyone?) and housewares.

In the meantime, Diaz is currently helming content creation for the brand’s blog where popular posts usually revolve around comida, because cuisine is still BarbacoApparel’s flour tortilla and butter.

The short and sweet survey that asked folks what their favorite breakfast taco is, a list of where to buy paletas in San Antonio, and a few recipes including fish tacos and a concha breakfast sandwich created by H-E-B were all some of the blog’s heavy-hitters.

“H-E-B is from South Texas, so it's OK for them to play into this new trend and cater to their audience,” he said.

The trend, Diaz alludes to, is San Antonio’s latest obsession with concha burgers — from Old Main’s concha burger to the upcoming Con Safos’ pan dulce burger. Though Old Main is no longer serving the burger (new chef means new menu), and you’ll have to wait until this fall to enjoy the pan dulce burger at Hemisfair when Con Safos opens, there’s really not much stopping anyone from making their own sandwich.

“For some older folks, that's a new thing,” Diaz said. “They never thought to mix sweet and savory in a sandwich.”

Diaz’s take on the breakfast sandwich following the grocery chain’s recipe inspired me to try my hand at other breakfast sandos sans mustard (which belongs nowhere near breakfast).

Like breakfast tacos, the variations are endless. Play around with the style of egg you make (fried works well), cheese (Oaxaca and panela are my favorite for the sandwiches, but that’s not stopping you from going with asadero), spreads (guacamole, refried beans, strawberry jam, Ricos?!) and meats (chorizo, ham, barbacoa). The hardest choice you’ll have to make? What color of concha to use.

1 tablespoon unsalted butter, plus more as needed
6 large eggs
2 tablespoons H E B yellow mustard
6 concha buns, cut in half horizontally
1 cup bacon guacamole
1 package of H E B natural fully cooked uncured bacon, heat according to package instructions
6 slices of H E B natural sliced pepper jack cheese
In a non stick frying pan add butter and allow to melt. Meanwhile crack eggs into separate ramekins (so egg shells do not get into the pan).
Once butter is foaming in pan add 2 to 3 eggs at a time. Cook 4 to 6 minutes or until tops of whites are set but yolks are still slightly runny. Remove from pan to cool and cook additional eggs.
Build breakfast sandwich by spreading mustard on cut sides of buns. Then layer guacamole on bottom of each bun followed by bacon, cheese, and egg. Serve warm. Optional step, bake 5 to 6 minutes to slightly melt everything if desired.

Moons Over Mis Conchis
Makes 1 sandwich

1 concha, cut in half horizontally
2 eggs
Splash of milk
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste
2 slices ham
2 slices queso panela
3 avocado slices
Refried black beans, optional
Heat concha on griddle until slightly browned and set aside.
Whisk eggs and milk together with salt and pepper. Scramble eggs over low heat until they reach desired consistency. Build sandwich by layering eggs, cheese, avocado and black beans, if using (use them, I didn’t and they would totally work).

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Main Street

If you're in the area and want an amazing dining experience, this is definitely it!

* Food: Everything that we ordered I would order again. For cocktails we got the Main Street (bourbon drink but on the sweeter side because of the honey) and Sage (beautiful combination of gin and sage). I recommend getting either one! For appetizers, we got the baked brie and shrimp bruschetta (this was my favorite one). For the entrees, we got the Braised Beef Short Ribs and Hand Cut Pasta with a side of Truffle Fries. The two entrees were a good combination and I'm glad I got to try both together. Our waiter was amazing and added a free side of cornbread. I'm not a big cornbread fan but this dish changed my opinion completely. I 100% will get it again.

* Cost vs. Worth: Every item we ordered was worth the price.

Will I come here again? - Yes!

Others will see how you vote!

  • Emily V.
  • Fairfax, VA
  • 6 friends
  • 19 reviews
  • 17 photos

Enjoyed eating on the front porch with our dogs. Even though you are looking onto main street , it is still a peaceful, quaint atmosphere. Fries were amazing. Corn bread was a little dry. Burger was ok - they use 2 thin patties so we were unable to request medium, automatically comes medium well to well done. The patties were very greasy tasting and a little tough. I expected better quality meat from this type of restaurant. Plenty of parking on the side.

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  • Tammy C.
  • Centreville, VA
  • 623 friends
  • 107 reviews
  • 523 photos

This will be a most special review- even if you have tried Trummer's previously, the new chef has created a phenomenal dining experience unmatched by anything else I have experienced recently. When we pulled up, there was ample parking and the building was filled with activity and a festive attitude. The downstairs bar was lovely where we enjoyed such Interesting fare as spiced plum and the Main Street special . Right on time, we were called for our reservation where we were greeted with smiles and the staff graciously carried our drinks up to the fabulous dining area. We were served a special on- the - house treat for the season- hot mulled cider with fresh lemon balm, and orange supreme.
The menu was filled with unusual but enticing meals. I started with an heirloom beet salad which delicious. Moving onto the entree, our friends had a delicious lamb dish and we had tender, tasty scallops that cut like butter . Every single small detail was attended to. The staff was wonderful but not hovering over this special meal. I could rave on and on but the meal was topped by a fabulous dessert: An original spin on the s'more dish where a giant
Carved out pumpkin was served with a flaming sterno accompanied by a hand carved small log with chocolate covered sticks that were topped with chocolate, peanut butter, and marshmallow. Our group enjoyed making our indoor s'mores while the other diners about us were gaping and several came by to see this special, tasty treat. At the end of the meal our group decided that this was truly one of the most unique, and enjoyable dining experiences we had enjoyed in years. Trummer's is a special place that should not be missed for those special occasions. Five stars were not enough for our experience last night- those memories of that night will be with us for a long, long time !

Others will see how you vote!

  • Nikki A.
  • Tampa, FL
  • 66 friends
  • 348 reviews
  • 149 photos
  • Elite ’21

Wow, the interior of this place is fantastic! My sister and BIL brought me here for lunch this past weekend. We were meeting our dad there and he was running late, so we decided to enjoy a drink at the bar until his arrival. The bar looks really nice, complete with a backlight under the counter to give it a nice glow. There is a private dining room that looks into a lovely wine cellar room. This gave me ideas for future birthdays or other celebration meals.

Our bartender this past Saturday (9/23/2017) was really good at his job both with making drinks and making conversation. I would have been happy to spend my entire time sitting there! I wish I remembered his name. He made us the Main Street , Cubana. and a third drink name that I can't remember. All drinks were phenomenal!

Once dad arrived, we were taken upstairs to our table. I felt a little bad about my attire that day as the place looks a bit fancy. You also are clued in when you see the prices of both drinks and food. But staff was all very friendly and helpful.

For an appetizer, we had the crispy brussel sprouts. Delicious! I'll take two next time!
For the main entree, I ordered the only vegetarian (but likely it wasn't vegan) dish on the menu which consisted of a fantastic wide pasta with a mushroom sauce of sorts, diced mushrooms, and pearl onions. Very good!

Other entrees had at the table were the burger, shrimp and grits, and ciopinno. Everyone was happy! My only wish is that there was at least one other vegetarian (or vegan if they're feeling really spicy) option to choose from. I look forward to returning!

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  • Vanessa D.
  • Burke, VA
  • 64 friends
  • 124 reviews
  • 339 photos

When you google Trummer's, you are greeted by a banner that says, " Trummer's on Main - A Charming Clifton, Virginia Restaurant". It is as it states a charming restaurant.
We started a lovely evening, walking through the door of a quaint building off of main street in Clifton.
We were seated and brought a complimentary mulled apple cider. The scent was divine. I would have been content to just sit and inhale the amazing aroma.
We were accompanied by another couple, and decided to share starters since none of us could decide which to choose. We ordered the cornbread, heirloom beet salad, truffle fries, and baked triple cream belletoile brie. Each satisfied and was just as described. My favorites were the beet salad and baked brie. My husband adored the fries crisp and perfect.
For our main courses, we ordered the spice-glazed lamb, ember roasted deckle of ribeye, venison and the vegetarian in our group had a risotto. Everyone in the group enjoyed their meal. I loved the lamb. The accompaniments made it perfect.
I so enjoyed the meal, I was too eager to eat dessert to remember to take a picture. We tried to order the s'more dessert, but they didn't have it available. We ordered the textures of oranges instead. Wow. All I can say is wow. It was truly the highlight of the meal.
I can't wait to go back and try other dishes on the menu. It is well worth a visit.

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  • Angela F.
  • Centreville, VA
  • 14 friends
  • 18 reviews
  • 37 photos

I went with my husband for our 5 year anniversary. It was both of our first time going even though we have lived near Clifton, VA for years. I did call ahead and ask for a private setting since it was a romantic evening, and they ended up seating us right in the middle of the room with people all around us, and I saw private, corner seating available throughout our stay. But I looked passed that after our experience. We started at the bar with a hand crafted cocktail, mine was DIVINE! I had the Main Street which has Bourbon, Cinnamon, Honey and Lime. Then we sat at our table and ordered a cheese plate with the charcuterie which included an amazing blue cheese and rabbit sausage! I had 1/2 dozen raw oysters, they were unique because it came with a slightly fruity iced topping, I believe it was blood orange, they went really well with the cocktail sauce, however the shucking was a little rough as I had many shell pieces in all the oysters which I had to fish out with my fingers. And finally for dinner I had Octopus Bolognese, I WILL be ordering that again! The noodles are a deep green cuttlefish fettuccini, a few large, very tender and flavorful octopus tentacles, and chunks of meat within the sauce. I did order dessert to go since we had already had a feast and one of the items was a chocolate hazelnut bar, as recommended by our server, even as a leftover it was amazing! I wish the portion was bigger, I could have eaten more! I absolutely give my overall experience a 5 out of 5 stars, even with the small flaws in the evening!

Others will see how you vote!

My wife and I love to try chef's tasting menu's whenever possible. Over the years we've had some excellent meals this way - her favorite being John Besh's, mine being Morimoto's. So when we *finally* got around to visiting Trummer's on Main , it was a no-brainer that we'd get the Chef's menu - the only question was 5-course or 7. We opted for the 7, and after a fantastic evening, we both decided that our long-standing favorites had been dethroned. The meal prepared by Chef Austin Fausett and served by the incredible Trummer's staff was hands-down the best dining we've ever had.

First, I have to commend the top-notch wait staff. We were served by no fewer that 6 different people, and every one of them was friendly, polite, and clearly knew and understood the food they were serving us. None of the stock recitation of daily specials you typically get - these people appreciated the food they were serving and their enthusiasm as they described it was as much a part of the meal as the food itself. Food was served promptly, and dishes cleared away efficiently. The pacing of the meal was perfect. We had just enough time between courses to let things settle, and never felt like we were waiting too long for the next dish.

And the food! As my wife put it, everything was "you have got to be kidding me!" good. The fresh rolls and hot-pepper butter the pork-cracklin' amuse-bouche the steak tartar & fried oysters and (because my wife doesn't care for raw beef) fresh crab salad the other-worldly halibut the chilled watermelon and tomato soup the rabbit confit with gnocchi so soft and airy you could sleep on them the roast lamb shank the cheese course and a three-stage dessert course. We couldn't stop staring at each other in wonderment at how perfect everything was. The only thing left uneaten was her dessert, an apricot tart. Besides being way too full, she found the tart itself a little too dense - the only (very minor) misfire of the entire meal. (For the record: mine was completely gone when the plates were cleared).

No review of Trummer's would be complete without a mention of the cocktails. We'd both recently had (and loved) the bourbon-based " Main Street " at Trummer's Coffee and Wine bar just a few miles from our house, so we knew those were good. At the bar before dinner, I tried the "Sage" (a gin cocktail for people who may not care for gin: excellent!) and she had the signature "Titanic" - sweet but very tasty. After being seated at our table, I ordered the "Pain and Pleasure" (served with a jalapeno ice ball!), which was very good. She ordered our favorite drink, the New Orleans classic "Sazerac", which sadly just wasn't up to the mark. No aromatic absinth to be detected, and there was a layer of un-dissolved raw sugar at the bottom. She sipped it, asked me to try it, and we agreed it just wasn't right. I asked our waiter if he could take it away and bring her a " Main Street " instead. He apologized sincerely, and quickly brought her the new cocktail. Imagine our surprise when about 5 minutes later a very dapper young gent in jacket and tie interrupted us with a glass in his hand. He apologized again for the disappointing cocktail, said New Orleans was his favorite city and that he agreed, the Sazerac she had been served had not been well prepared. He handed her the glass explaining he had prepared it himself and hoped she liked it. She took a sip and I saw her eyes light up. She handed it to me, I took a sip, and it was a perfect Sazerac. We thanked him profusely for his attention and he said he'd be sure we weren't charged for the drink. As they walked away (leaving the " Main Street " for me!) I asked her if she knew who that was. I recognized him from having watched the Vimeo clip of him preparing the "Titanic" cocktail - it was Stefan Trummer himself. Talk about customer service!

Every dining experience is personal, and I know some people have reported bad experiences here. I have to say those are anomalies. Even top-notch restaurants will have off nights, but no restaurant that can provide a dining experience like we had does it accidentally. For places like this, failure is a fluke. Attention to detail courteous, well trained staff world-class cuisine and owners who care about their guests - these are what you'll find in abundance at Trummer's on Main . I envy you if you haven't been there yet - go now and be prepared for a truly memorable evening!

Trummer’s on Main Serves Up a Burger Bar - Recipes

Trummer's has done an excellent job of appealing to people on different levels. Main menu and dining rooms are excellent for a nice meal oyt while the bar has a more casual feel and a great menu too. The pop up restaurants are fun - we love the Burger Bar and Seafood Shack. The wine cellar is amazing and from Victoria Trummer on down the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and accomodating.

71 - 75 of 306 reviews

We made a reservation on the day of dining and were only able to get an early time slot of 5:15pm. We timed it after visiting the local winery and just planned on having an early evening. As you would expect, very few people in the restaurant when we arrived. The wait staff were courteous and attentive making sure we had everything we desired. They take the time to describe each of the dishes that are served and how prepared. I ordered the Heirloom Beets and the Spiced Glazed Lamb which were excellent. I finished it up with a cup of espresso and Textures of Orange which was recommended by our server. Wonderful taste sensation and yet light to complete the meal. We would definitely return in the future for another romantic meal.

It was an incredible experience! We felt as though we were the only people eating in the restaurant with the amount of attention we received a nice blend between giving us attention and leave a couple alone. The food and drink pairing were perfectly suggested from the staff and the ambience of the restaurant was calm and upscale. Dress well. Take your time. Enjoy.

My wife and I used to go to Trummer's on a regular a regular basis. We had not been in awhile and decided to go one night recently. We were surprised to see how much the food and atmosphere has changed. This has always been a place that was basically fine dining but was never stuffy, always a comfortable place to have a good meal. Unfortunately this is no longer the case.
Apparently they have a new chef who has completely changed the menu. Change can be good but not when all the good staples are removed and all the new items are less appealing and more expensive than before.
We will miss the old Trummer's and will not be back to the new Trummer's.

We we were a table of 7 for lunch on a Saturday. The restaurant was not busy. Service was fine , great server, except for the ancillary help not waiting until all diners were finished before clearing the table, a major annoyance of mine. The food was so mediocre. The soup was lukewarm and a small portion. The spinach salad was even smaller and cost $15. The s'mores dessert was laughable. A small fire was placed on the table and 4 marshmallow covered chocolates, no graham crackers, on sticks were to be toasted over it for $16. The tray the fire was on was obviously used as there were remnants of the previous diners marshmallow bits on it.
The carrot cake was "deconstructed" meaning a few bits of cake swimming in a purée of some kind. Why not just a nice piece of carrot cake on the menu?
Will not return.

Hob-Nob Drive-In In Virginia

Where else can I find the best burgers in Virginia?

If you find yourself in Virginia with a craving for a delicious burger, then you’re in luck! The Old Dominion offers countless places to enjoy this classic American staple. For the best burgers in Virginia, try Texas Tavern in Roanoke, MELT Gourmet Cheeseburgers, Holy Cow in Alexandria, Shelton’s Big Grill in Virginia Beach, 80/20 Burger Bar in Norfolk, Burger Bach in Richmond, Big Buns in Arlington, Cuban Burger in Harrisonburg, Citizen Burger Bar with various locations throughout Virginia, Caliente in Richmond, Viking Burger in Newport News, and Market Burger in Purcellville.

What are the most highly-rated restaurants in Virginia?

If you’re dining in Virginia and are curious to try the most highly-rated restaurants, you’ll notice that there are plenty to choose from. From hole-in-the-wall eateries to more established dining rooms, there’s simply no shortage of delicious restaurants to try. However, many people agree that the most highly-rated restaurants in Virginia include the Inn at Little Washington, Trummer’s On Main in Clifton, the Alley Light in Charlottesville, Foode in Fredericksburg, 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church, Eat – An American Bistro in Virginia Beach, Circa 1918 Kitchen & Bar in Newport News, and Local Roots Restaurant in Roanoke. Have you tried any of these places? To learn more, check out this article that we put together about these delicious Virginia restaurants.

Where can I go to eat in Virginia that only the locals know about?

Trummer’s on Main Serves Up a Burger Bar - Recipes

We went here for my wife's birthday recently and things initially got off to a bit of a rough start as we ended up waiting quite a while to be seated even with a reservation. It's a busy place and it's not that big, I get it. But that's the point of the reservation. They understood our frustration though and were very apologetic. They even brought us a few items on the house to help make it right. Bottom line, the food here is good and the chef gets very creative with all sorts of different menu items. I had the shrimp and grits and can't recommend it enough. While it's probably not a menu that jumps out at kids, it can also encourage them to try something a bit new. Clifton is a lovely setting and while we were initially a bit frustrated at the start, the staff owned their mistake (it's not like it was intentional) and made up for it. Solid beer and wine offerings, we'll definitely go back.

66 - 70 of 306 reviews

One hour wait between courses, food not cooked properly, not delivered hot, skimpy portions, uninterested staff, lost waiters, more fat than meat on plate- disaster!

A fabulous experience from beginning to end. The food here is exquisite! Our group has eaten at many fine establishments in DC and elsewhere and this ranks among the best. The drive to Clifton, VA is well worth it (30 miles from Capitol Hill).

The ambiance is great and service is very good.

Our group had a number of dishes from the tasting menu and everything was exceptional. Every dish was so special we had a hard time picking a favorite. The baked oysters with truffles is a must-have. We also had Shrimp and Grits with lobster cream, venison, and free-form ravioli with pears, ham and chestnuts. Also, some appetizers, spiced tea and a wonderful cucumber granita with buttermilk sorbet served to clear the palate. Deserts are too good to describe. Textures of orange is great.

Compliments to the chef, staff and owners for making for a great dining experience.

I've had dinner here a couple of times and had to take the time to review it. First, the atmosphere is really quaint. The building is a historic hotel that has been completely updated. The bar area is lively.

Now the most important part is the food. The food both times was amazing. You'll think about it the next day. The menu is inspired. I don't take pictures of my food, but last night, I wanted to. The vegetables tasted like they were grown in a garden. The flavors were so potent and perfect. The plating was just gorgeous. You always know you're in a crappy place when they slap on a bunch of mashed potatoes or rice to make up for their lack of flare. We were a party of two and the plating was gorgeous for us both.

Now, I read a review that claimed the pace of the meal was too slow. I have to say that the owner is Austrian and he's clearly instructed his staff to serve European-style. They won't rush you. If you're in a hurry here, you should tell your server or you could go to a chain restaurant:)) This is a place that you come to in order to enjoy a leisurely meal. You'll have time to digest your food and enjoy sipping wine. Plus, because they don't slop on a bunch of mash potato filler, you will actually have room for dessert.

It's not a hidden gem. It's pretty popular. Make reservations or go during the week.

Trummer's Team Plans Cafe in Gainesville

Welcome back to Reader Requests, when Eater looks into some news that readers are wondering about. Want Eater to investigate something? Send a note to the tipline with the subject line "Reader Requests."

A reader asked Eater through the tipline to learn about a potential cafe and wine bar opening in Gainesville from the Trummer's on Main team. Details are limited, but the project is happening.

Victoria Trummer tells Eater the cafe will be called Trummer's Coffee & Wine Bar and will be "a European-style coffee shop and wine bar serving fresh European pastries for breakfast, fresh fried beignets, paninis, salads, cheese plates, artisanal wine and beer and Titanics." The restaurant's signature drink will be the "Eis Café," an Austrian specialty with creamy vanilla bean ice cream topped with cold brewed coffee and coffee whipped cream.

The cafe will open this fall in the Promenade at Virginia Gateway development.
· All Previous Coverage of Trummer's on Main [-EDC-]

Editor's Note: The headline originally had the incorrect city for the project.

Steakhouse Burger

Ever since last summer when I had the Steakhouse Burger at McDonald’s, I’ve wanted to make it at home. I decided to try and recreate it and come up with an easy recipe. I was able to recreate it, so I would definitely call this a “copycat recipe.”

Servings: 4-6
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes

1 1/2 lbs. of hamburger meat
1 packet of onion mix
1/3 cup of Worsteshire
1/2 tsp. pepper

8-12 pieces of “Giant” bread (thicker cut white sandwich bread)
Spray butter
garlic powder
French fried onions
Provolone cheese

2 tbs. Ketchup
2 tbs. Mayo

1. Mix together in a large bowl all ingredients listed under Burger.
2. Cook on grill (indoor or outdoor)
3. Mix together ketchup and mayo for sauce.
4. Spray butter on both sides of bread and sprinkle with garlic powder. Toast until gold brown.
5. When burgers are done, add cheese and allow it to melt.
6. Assemble burgers as desired and enjoy!

Watch the video: Zinburger Wine u0026 Burger Bar (May 2022).