Papanas preparation recipe

Papanas preparation recipe

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Papanas preparation recipe

Put the cheese, eggs and vanilla sugar in a bowl and mix well to incorporate them all, then add the orange peel, flour and baking powder so as to obtain an elastic dough. Put flour in a bowl and run your hands through the flour before shaping the dough (because it sticks to your palms).

Dough balls of two different sizes are formed from the dough ... the larger ones are flattened a little in the palms and made in the middle of each hole ... forming a ring.

Fry in hot oil, on the right heat on both sides.

Remove when browned and drain on a paper napkin.

Put the strawberry jam over the big ball, over the whipped cream ... place the small ball on top and at the end powder it with powdered sugar.

I used whipped cream because I didn't have sour cream.

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